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What's happening in 2012?

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February 17th, 2010 Wednesday

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Well, I just just got back from Cali, watching my sons playing round ball and basebase.  My oldest son helped his team to go undefeated in his Junior year in High school playing Varsity basketball. They went 12-0 for the season and are now preping for the playoffs.  My youngest son went to baseball tri-outs and did all the right stuff for his winter league season.  They both are doing well in school and are very active kids.  I'm a very proud Dad!

February 03, 2010 Wednesday

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Will, it has been a busy week and a sad week at the same time!  I had to put my dog, Shelby down.  We tried the medication to help her but, she got worst so we had to put her to sleep.  My wife and I took her in last Saturday morning at 7 am and, I stayed with Shelby till she was gone.  Didn't think I would cry but, the flood gates of tears poured out.  She was 16 years old and a great dog, always by my side happy to be with me.  She will be missed!

January 24, 2010 Sunday

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It's been an emotional ride this weekend, but a very happy ending.  My Wife and I thought our dog, Shelby, was ready to be put down.  She was showing signs of severe arthritus in her hips, and was looking real bad.  I told my Wife to call the Veterinarian and get ready to put  Shelby down. When we got to the Vet's office early Saturday morning, my Wife and I were a bit teary eyed, about what was to happen. But, when meeting our Veterinarian, Dr. Susuki at the South Shore Animal Clinic she said to get a blood test and see how her organs were working, like the liver, kidney, and other information.  To our surprise, her blood work was looking pretty good, a little low in something in the kidney, but good otherwise.  Anyways, she's on some arthritus meds and is getting around better.

January 22, 2010 Friday

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Today, I'm online taking my osha 30 test, which is taking forever! But, I'm more then 50% done, so it's downhill from here.  Perfect whether to do this too. Believe it or not I was giving estimates when it was raining hard yesturday!  The freeway was crazy because you couldn't see too much in front of you with all that water. It's not safe dring out there with all those bad drivers and lost drivers.  Better to stay home for now! 

Janurary 21st 2010

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We just finished a few jobs this month, but my main attention is Surfaces which starts next Thursday the 28th.  Now, I'm stressing out!  You would think after doing the show for 16 plus years that I would be use to it, NOT!  Anyways this show (for those who don't know) shows off the most current wood flooring products and other hard surface materials, equipment, and others new stuff, and for the major manufactures out there, this is the major league for wood flooring conventions.  My deal is to work for these manufactures and put their wood floors in.  This year I'll be at the Anderson, Mullican, plus 4 other Booths.  I have over 12 thousand feet to install in four days of torture and stress!  Incidently, I have not seen a SuperBowl game for over 16 years because this convention starts during the game.

January 19th, 2010

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