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Cleaning wood floors

Cleaning and maintaining a new wood floor:

After installing a new pre-finished wood floor you must maintain it, to keep it looking nice for a long time.  I've seen a floor get trashed within hours after installing it.  To prevent abuse on wood floors you must use the right products. There are (4) basic thing you can do to prevent floor abuse.  First, you must get all the light dirt, grit and other debris cleaned up with either a broom, dry swifter, or vacuum with soft bristles. Second, use a swivel head mop that has a terry cloth cover and spray wood floor cleaner (Bona Kemi floor cleaner, sold at wood floor distributors) on it, not soaking wet but damp enough to clean the floor.  You might have to clean it several times if the floor is really dirty, but if you maintain it every other day or twice a week, then cleaning will be really hassle free and fast.  If you have skid marks from shoes or something oil base, you may use mineral spirits or paint thinner with a rag and rub it out.  Third, floor mats at ever doorway helps keep other debris off your wood floors. And forth, use felt tip pads on all furniture and chairs.  You can get  the felt tip pads cheap at Wal-mart in the light bulb section. I've seen lots of wood floors scratched within seconds.  You must put these on prior to moving furniture in place.  The felt tip pads also make it easier to move furniture around when cleaning.

If you use a floor cleaner that's oily or waxy you will void any warranty to re-finish your wood floors.  These products might prevent finish to stick on floor and possibly peel.  So, be aware.


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